Straight from the Pampas

You won’t find our steak anywhere else. El Gusto beef is exclusive to us, and is sourced solely from the Pampas: an area of Argentine lowlands famous for its fertile soil.

Home to rivers flowing from the Andes and seventeen types of grass, the Pampas is the perfect terroir for rearing our distinctive beef. Every one of our steaks comes from Aberdeen-Angus cattle reared on this luscious grassland, so you’ll always experience the true taste of Argentina.

To ensure the highest quality meat, we remain closely involved with our cows throughout the farming process. Our team of experts on the ground in Argentina have built relationships with some of the most accomplished beef farmers in the Pampas region, who now produce livestock exclusively for El Gusto.

All our beef comes from cows reared on the luscious grasslands of the Pampas, so you’ll always experience the true taste of Argentina.

Our farmers use modern technology, influenced by 150 years of farming history, and our specific feeding stipulations. The cows they breed enjoy an organic and free range lifestyle; roaming and feeding on the grassy plains of the Pampas.

Every cut of beef can be traced back to the farmer that reared the cow, so we know exactly where all our meat has come from. This commitment to quality allows us to produce what we believe is the finest Argentine steak.


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